Alumier MD Skincare

AlumierMD is a prescription based medical-grade skincare brand dedicated to the latest advancements in what they have defined as ‘Clean Science’, that delivers highly efficacious results.
This range is available via prescription. To book an initial consultation contact The Norup Clinic.

If you have already had a consultation you can login to the Alumier Shop here.

The three pillars of their ethos are as follows:

– Alumier products are socially responsible, clinically tested and free from over 1,300 substances banned by the E.U., F.D.A and Health Canada.

CORRECTIVE –  Cutting-edge, medical-grade active ingredients in concentrations that increase efficacy backed up by clinical testing. For exceptional results in correcting a variety of skin conditions and concerns.

COMMITTED – Created by dedicated scientists, doctors and skincare specialists


Alumier MS Skincare Range