WOW Fusion Anti-ageing complex serum
WOW Fusion - Anti-ageing Serum (single vial - 5ml)

WOW Fusion - Anti-ageing Serum (single vial - 5ml)

WOW Fusion is an advanced at-home needling system designed to specifically cater to your skincare concerns.

Anti-ageing serum 5ml
This serum is a potent combination of vitamin C, essential and non-essential amino acids and Rutin, a member of the bioflavonoid family, to rebuild the dermis and improve text, tone and elasticity of the skin. A healing infusion and powerful antioxidant.


For application via the WOW Fusion microneedling device which contains a reservoir holding your serum that is injected through 20 24-karat gold-plated microneedles for optimum absorption and efficacy. 

We recommend completing your treatment with THE MASK by WOW facial®, a hydrogel sheet mask loaded with hyaluronic acid, stem cells and peptides.